Handmade ceramic white flowers bridal hairpin+headband with silver leaves


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Handmade with meticulous attention, this set includes a delicately crafted hairpin featuring ceramic flowers, alongside a graceful headband adorned with silver detailed design leaves. The addition of pearls provides a subtle and captivating touch, enhancing the overall charm.Presented as a set of two, each piece resonates with a unique delicacy. The ceramic-made flowers exude a sense of timeless beauty, while the intricate silver leaves infuse a touch of botanical allure. The pearls serve as a refined retouch, adding an element of refinement to this already exquisite ensemble. What sets these flowers apart is their ingeniously structured design. Fashioned with a flexible soft metal framework, they can be artfully adjusted to your desired shape, ensuring both a snug fit and an enchanting appearance.

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Headband only, One set of 2