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Discover the Benefits of Our Copper Bracelet with Neodymium Magnets Copper bracelet (99.9% copper) with powerful neodymium magnets Relieves pain, inflammation and stress 100% hypoallergenic, no alloy or brass Adjustable length for optimal comfort Including jewelry box and shortening set When combining magnetic copper therapy we make pure copper bracelets with powerful neodymium magnets. This offers a double effect: the health benefit of copper is combined with the health benefit of magnetic therapy, where both metals reinforce each other’s effect. Magnetic copper bracelets are not only safe, but there are many benefits to wearing them. Magnetic therapy is very effective as a pain reliever, while copper has antimicrobial and healing properties. Combining the two, a copper magnetic bracelet can help with a wide range of health conditions such as reducing inflammation, relieving pain, improving immune function, easing sleep disorders and reducing stress. And those are just a few of the many benefits. Specifications: Material: Pure copper (99.9%) Number of magnets: Neodymium magnets with a strength of above 2500 gauss Dimensions: Length: 22 cm (can be shortened) Width: 0.7 cm Thickness: 0.3 cm The magnetic copper bracelet is easily adjustable with the supplied shortening set. This is important because it should fit comfortably on your wrist, not too tight and not too loose. Some people use copper magnetic bracelets only when they feel pain, while others wear them permanently. The best place to wear your bracelet is on the wrist, in direct contact with your skin. You can test yourself whether the left or right wrist works better: otherwise switch to the other wrist. There are no disadvantages to wearing copper magnetic bracelets for long periods of time. Caution: Avoid exposure to magnets when using a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump, or aortic infusion pump as magnets may affect the operation of some equipment. Copper magnetic bracelets are not medical devices and are not intended to replace medical treatment. If you have serious, acute or chronic health problems, contact your doctor. Experience the positive effects of magnetic copper therapy with our copper bracelet with neodymium magnets. Order now and experience the difference for your health!

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