Song of India – Ayurveda Gift Box with fragrance sticks, scented candle and room spray – Tuberose Jasmine


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Luxury Veda Gift Set Tuberose-Jasmine in beautiful Gift Box Scented Candle – the scent of fresh Indian jasmine combines fantastically with the white blossom of tuberose and provides an uplifting, stress-relieving aroma. Diffuser with Fragrance Sticks – in a beautiful glass jar with gold cap. Prepared with 100% natural essential oils, both uplifting and calming. The fragrance sticks are the perfect addition to any room: you’ll love the way they make your home smell absolutely divine. Air Freshener/Room Spray – the notes of fresh Indian jasmine flowers and white tuberose blossom form an uplifting and stress-relieving scent that gives your environment an instant luxurious feeling. Contents: – Tuberose Jasmine candle in glass jar – 60 grams made from coconut butter & soy wax, less smoke and soot thanks to cotton wick with natural essential oils, uplifting and calming – Diffuser Fragrance Oil Tuberose Jasmine in a glass bottle with gold cap, with fragrance sticks – 30 ML prepared with 100% natural essential oils uplifting and calming – Air freshener/room spray Tuberose Jasmine – 50 ML air freshener room spray in user-friendly spray bottle with natural essential oils non-toxic and 100% natural free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) uplifting and anti-stress Packaging: in beautiful recycled cardboard gift box Made in India Ayurveda was revealed to the seers of India thousands of years ago. It is the science of life, which promotes positive health, natural beauty and longevity. Health is maintained by the balance of the three subtle doshas (or bio-energies) known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha.