Song of India – Kapha sage mint scented candle with 2 wicks in 200g jar


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Illuminate your path to inner harmony with this luxurious coconut butter/soy wax scented candle. The candle is hand-poured with 2 wicks in a beautiful copper-plated metal pot, infused with the goodness of Ayurvedic essential oils. This grounding blend of sacred sage is purifying, while the cooling properties of mint recharge and invigorate. Suits best for people with kapha dosha. Product specifications Perfumed Ayurvedic Kapha candle Sage & mint – purifying & invigorating Coconut butter & soy wax Less smoke and soot thanks to cotton wick With natural essential oils In copper-plated metal jar Characteristics of Kapha dosha Calm, loving and understanding, with an impressive build and well-defined facial features. They may exhibit a tendency to overeat, avoid exercise, and sleep excessively. Burning a Candle The simple act of lighting a candle can bring joy and a sense of well-being. As you enjoy the delicate scent of this slow-burning Ayurvedic candle, we encourage you to find inner peace and tranquility so that your true inner light also has a chance to shine.