Song of India – Vata tuberose jasmine scented candle with 2 wicks in 200g jar


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Illuminate your path to inner harmony with this luxurious coconut butter/soy wax scented candle. The candle is hand poured with 2 wicks in a beautiful copper-plated metal pot, infused with the goodness of Ayurvedic essential oils. The scent of fresh Indian jasmine combines fantastically with the white blossom of tuberose to provide an uplifting, stress-relieving scent. Particularly beneficial for people with a vata dosha. Product specifications Perfumed Ayurvedic Vata candle Tuberose & jasmine – uplifting & stress relieving Coconut butter & soy wax Less smoke and soot thanks to cotton wick With natural essential oils In copper-plated metal jar Characteristics of Vata dosha Enthusiastic, light and creative, with an athletic build. Tends to restlessness and may suffer from sleep disorders. Burning a Candle The simple act of lighting a candle can bring joy and a sense of well-being. As you enjoy the delicate scent of this slow-burning Ayurvedic candle, we encourage you to find inner peace and tranquility so that your true inner light also has a chance to shine.