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This beautiful Gemstone set Gemini is the perfect gift for anyone born between May 21 and June 20! The gemstone set Gemini comes in an eco-friendly bag with a gemstone (tumbled stone or palm stone) and a gemstone bracelet. The accompanying card was printed on eco-friendly paper and contains a QR code. By scanning the code you will learn more about the properties of the Gemini zodiac sign and the gemstones that can support this sign. The information is available in 4 languages: NL – FR – EN – D. Who are you giving this Gemini gemstone set to? Gemstones are attributed to the constellations of the zodiac that match the characteristics of each zodiac sign. In this way, they can strengthen or moderate properties that are already naturally present. In this way, the stones that suit you can strengthen you by promoting positive qualities and weakening or balancing negative qualities. Gemini is versatile, cheerful, curious, intelligent & social. We selected the following gemstones for the Gemini zodiac sign: Citrine. The gemstone Citrine fits very well with the Gemini zodiac sign. Here are some reasons why this combination can be meaningful for people with the Gemini zodiac sign: Creativity and mental clarity: Gemini is often associated with a lively mind, creativity, and a curious nature. Citrine is seen as a stone that promotes mental clarity and creativity. It can help Gemini stimulate inspiration, increase their ability to concentrate and promote clear thoughts. Positivity and Optimism: Geminis generally have a cheerful and optimistic attitude. Citrine is known as the “stone of the sun” and is associated with joy, self-confidence and positive energy. It can help Gemini to boost their optimism, dispel negative thoughts and maintain a positive outlook on life. Communication and Social Skills: Geminis are often excellent communicators and have strong social skills. Citrine is associated with promoting self-expression, communication and attracting abundant social interactions. It can help Gemini express their ideas, communicate messages clearly and promote positive relationships. Moonstone A second stone that fits well with the Gemini zodiac sign is moonstone. Here are some reasons why this combination can be meaningful for people with the Gemini zodiac sign: Intuition and sensitivity: Geminis often have strong intuition and are sensitive to the energies around them. Moonstone is considered a stone of intuition and feminine energy. It can help Gemini to strengthen their intuition, embrace their sensitivity and become more in touch with their inner emotions. Emotional Balance and Peace: Geminis can sometimes struggle with finding emotional balance due to their dynamic nature. Moonstone is associated with promoting emotional balance, harmony and tranquility. It can help Gemini to balance their emotions, find inner peace and reduce stress. Communication and Expression: Geminis are usually excellent communicators and have lively minds. Moonstone is associated with promoting clear communication and improving verbal expression. It can help Geminis to further strengthen their communication skills, convey their messages clearly and promote their creativity. It is important to note that these associations are based on symbolism and the qualities attributed to both the zodiac sign and the gemstones. It is always personal and subjective how someone feels connected to a particular gemstone. Disclaimer: Gemstones and crystals are natural products. Due to the nature of gemstones, no two stones will be the same, making each piece unique. Small variations in color and size are therefore normal. Depicted photos may therefore differ slightly from reality.

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