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Gift set gemstones Pisces Discover the gemstones specifically chosen for your zodiac sign, each with unique properties that complement your character. They help you strengthen your strengths and soften weaknesses, creating a harmonious balance in your life. Discover the gemstones for the Pisces zodiac sign: Gemstone obelisk Rainbow Moonstone – 8 to 10 cm Gemstone bracelet Amethyst – 18 cm Gemstone Aquamarine – 2 to 4 cm Sustainable storage bag (eco-cotton or linen) Luxury gift box (eco-friendly) QR code with information about gemstones (NL-FR-EN-D) Get more out of your gift! On the gift box you will find a QR code that you can scan and which will take you to a page with additional information about the zodiac sign. The information is available in 4 languages: NL-FR-EN-D. This way you can learn more about the characteristics of your zodiac sign; which gemstones belong to your zodiac sign, their meaning and their effect; which color suits you best, and much more. In short, a great gift for those who want to get to know their zodiac sign better. Zodiac sign Pisces Traits: empathetic, helpful, imaginative, spiritual & selfless Born: February 19 – March 20 Element: water Ruling planet: Neptune Color: light green Matches well with: Virgo & Leo Gemstones Gemstones that go well with the Pisces zodiac sign are amethyst, moonstone, aquamarine, blue lace agate, rose quartz, calcite and turquoise. Moonstone | The stone sharpens intuition and helps gain insights. The stone helps Pisces make contact with his inner feelings. This stimulates personal growth and development. Amethyst | Amethyst is a very spiritual and protective stone. The stone helps Pisces to define its boundaries and protect itself against negative external influences. Aquamarine | This stone has a calming and grounding influence on fish. The stone tempers the oversensitive Pisces and brings Pisces into balance. Choose a sustainable gift Our gift boxes are made of FSC®-certified, recyclable paper. 100% plastic-free for environmentally friendly processing in waste paper. Compostable and biodegradable. The stickers are biodegradable and made of cellulose, a component that naturally occurs in plant fibers, and are provided with an environmentally friendly adhesive. Our gift bags are made from organic cotton or linen and can be reused to store your gemstones. We also work with QR codes so that we can reduce the amount of paper. Disclaimer: Gemstones and crystals are natural products. Due to the nature of gemstones, no two stones will be the same, making each piece unique. Small variations in color and size are therefore normal. Depicted photos may therefore differ slightly from reality.

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