Henna Nail Ink


Henna Nail Ink is made of 100% natural henna mixed with ink from flowers.

Henna Nail Ink is momentarily available in 7 different colours:

  1. Scarlet (Ruby red)
  2. Dahlia (Dark red )
  3. Peony (Fuschia pink)
  4. Anemone (Purple)
  5. Petunia (Black)
  6. Poppy (Blue)
  7. Daisy (Orange)

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Frequently asked questions:

1. Is it wuduproof and can I perform my prayer with it?

Yes, this product is 100% wuduproof. It contains 100% pure Henna mixed with ink from flowers. It doesn’t leave a layer on your nails, rather it enters in to your nail, just as normal Henna does. The water -during the ablution- reaches your nails (without any barrier in between).
You can pray with it. As a matter of fact, colouring your nails is a sunnah for the Muslim women; source: sunan Abi Dawud Hadith 4166.

2. How is it possible that the Henna Nail Ink looks better on my feet than the nails on my hand? The bottom of the my nails look good, but the top not so much?

In this case there could be more things possible, so here is an explanation in order of probability:

• It could be that right after you pealed the dried Henna Nail Ink, water got on your nails, or you’ve accidentally washed the Henna Nail Ink off instead of pealing it off.Pay attention!: in order to get the most beautiful result you have to avoid water (for at least an hour) as long as possible.

• It could be the case that you didn’t let the Henna Nail Ink dry enough on the top of your nails (while it was dry enough on the bottom). To speed up the proces of letting your nails soak the Henna Nail Ink in, you could use a naillamp/dryer if you have one at home, or go to your (local) nailshop to get this done for you.

• Your hands are more exposed to chemicals than your feet (chemicals such as: cleaning products, nailpolish etc.) which can prevent the colour of the Henna to show. The Henna Nail Ink than inserts deeper in to your nail to cure the more damaged parts of your nail. In this case it takes more time and more painting the nails with the Henna until your nails reach that state of healthiness  that is necessary for the right results.

• Your nails contain dead cells. The only thing that is living is the bottom part of your nail. That can also be the reason why the Henna is more likely to be vibrant on the bottom part of your nail. You can paint the lighter (upper) parts of your henna more often until you get an more even result. In that case you will only need one or two extra layers to reach the right results.

Pay attention!: This is not nailpolish! It is as a medicine to your nails as it is a beauty product. It is also the only beauty product on the market that shows the true health of your natural nails. Your nails are beautiful, because they are natural!!


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1. Lightly buff the top of your nails
2. Paint your nails with the Henna Nail Ink
3. Wait until the Henna Nail Ink is all dried up
4. Peal the Ink off of your nails and repeat step 2-3
5. Avoid contact with water for at least 60 minutes


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Dahlia (bordeauxrood), Scarlet (felrood), Peony (fuschiaroze), Petunia (zwart), Poppy (blauw), Anemone (paars), Daisy (oranje)