Ancient Beauty Secrets 

The historically rich and mythic Morocco holds 1001 secrets. Whereas other countries may use a common flower for decorating purposes, Moroccans use that same flower as a means for younger looking skin.

This knowledge however, is not easily obtained. This knowledge is passed down for generations in the vorm of secrets.

As young Moroccan girls we used to love to discover those hidden secrets. These secrets were usually not shared with you if you were too young to understand or appreciate what the elders were actually sharing with you.

As we became older this changed. We began to not only learn, but also use the secrets ourselves. We understood the necessity of knowing them and the benefits they had. More of benefit than we as younger girls thought they could ever be.

Addicted to beauty as we are, we started the brand ‘Moroccan Sisters’. Instead of solely focusing on our own obtained knowledge, we now also focus on discovering new ancient secrets past down in your countries (cultures). Together (our secrets and yours) they become the ultimate source of knowledge on natural beauty. An ancient treasure for pure beauty if you will.

So how do we work? 

If and when we discover (new) ancient beauty secrets, we first start our own research. If and when we are safe to say the secret is 100% true, we go on to the next step:

* trying to transform those facts in to modern day beauty products.

– if this step is not possible; 

– due to lack of (pure) ingredients, or

– when it is a secret that is not tangible,

we share the information with you anyway (through our beauty blogs).


Our main goal is to be a source of hidden beauty knowledge, hence:

“Beauty without any secrets”. 

Beauty without any secrets by Moroccan Sisters