Also the first time you hear about oil that is made from ants?

That could be the case, because this isn’t made of ants. Namla oil is actually made of 100% pure eggs of the ants.

‘Alright, what does it do than’, you ask? 

This oil has a unique protein that permanently dismantles the (open) hair follicles.

‘You are kidding, right?’ 

No we are not. Ant egg oil has been used for hundreds of years by men and women in the East. Mostly in countries such as Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey. In fact, in some regions they used to eat the eggs!

Don’t worry, that is not necessary in this case 😉

Ant egg oil was mainly used because of its painless and easy usage against unwanted hair. When a baby was born, they used to massage the baby with the oil so that it would have no issues with unwanted hair growing older.

Is it already too late for you as an adult? Don’t panic. From now on you can get rid of your unwanted hairs too. You remove your hair from the root (by means of waxing or epilating) and massage that oil in to the (open) hair follicles, until you will be free of any unwanted hairs on your body or face. 

According to the (most common) instructions of this ancient product, you will have the satisfying results after six to ten treatments.

Too good to be true and curious to the ‘before and after’ results? Or do you have other questions? Send us an email to for more information!

Do you want to order a bottle of Namla oil? Click here.


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