Just like the Farao’s, you have to be more specific as to which Cleopatra we are talking about here. You see; every Farao was called a Farao. And every Farao had his own ‘Cleopatra’.

Just to make it clear; we are talking about:

Queen Cleopatra VII, the last member of the Ptolemaic dynasty.

Yes, the most famous one. However much is written about this Cleopatra by western scholars, the more interesting things written about where written by her own (Egyptian scholars). Even though she was by origin Macedonian, she still was the Queen of the Egyptians. So guess were we found the most accurately and interesting told narrative about her?

Yes, that is right; in the ancient Egyptian scriptures.

You also may need to know that lots of what is written about this lady by the current western world is either romanticised, exaggerated or even made up entirely.

Are you up to know the actual truth about this Queen? We promise you, the truth is way more interesting and romantic, just not the kind of romance men prefer to hear about 😉.

Ready? Don’t be, you’ll never be, just read:

⇒ Part 2: https://moroccan-sisters.nl/the-queen-series-cleopatra-part-2/?lang=en

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