Who ever assumed that argan oil is thé nr.1 Moroccan beauty oil, has it all wrong. If it is beauty related there is only one -really only 1- product that deserves that crown. This oil is also known for it’s nickname: ‘liquid gold’, a.k.a. ‘olive oil’. 

‘What!?, but olive oil is food right?’ 

‘Yes, it is, but it is also used as the go-to beauty product for your skin’.

Of course, there is some difference in producing that in the end makes the oil appropriate to be used as food or as a beauty product.


Olive oil as skincare is not only common in Morocco. Other parts of the world have that same tradition too. The Middle East, for example, has sources that date back to 600 a.c. that teach us the importance of olive oil as skincare product. Dating further back- in the time of the pharaohs- we find similar teachings. The teachings of Cleopatra for instance. In her beauty book of secrets ‘the Ornato’ she also shares some things about olive oil being used for the skin.


But why has olive oil been used as a beauty product? What are the benefits?

Well, the ancient sources do not go in further details about the exact properties. It seems like this oil is infinitely blessed, that really the job of getting all the benefits summarised is too much work to even begin with. They say that it heals all kind of skin problems: 

* the smallest problems (such as dullness and other skin irregularities),

* the middle problems (such as psoriasis), 

* the bigger problems (such as skin cancer).

The fact that it cures cancer is nothing new according to our ancestors.

If you ask them, it is really just a common fact. A fact that is indisputable.

Even according to modern day science, olive oil is know for its battle against cancer. Numerous scientific researchers have proven the olive oil to be as good as regular treatment, except that the oil does the job in less than 30 minutes. 

It solely destroys the bad cells, leaving the good cells alive. Which- other than radiation therapy- results in no more hair loss!


As we mentioned earlier; the processing of the oil determines wether you can use it as food or as beauty product (which also can be consumed if wanted). So it makes it really important for us to produce in a responsible fashion. Such that the oil keeps holding on to its properties that are necessary for the right results.

It is no secret that olive oil can be produced in different ways. Yet the most important rule is; the older the technique, the more powerful the olive oil is. And the older the technique, the less machines are involved and the more labor needed. 

Curious to our proces? Stay tuned for a fun video! 



*Sciencedaily: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/03/150302141241.htm

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