Mineralogy Kabuki Brush


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The Vegan Mineralogy Kabuki Brush, the perfect companion for applying your Loose and Pressed Mineral Foundation. This synthetic brush with a short handle is not only easy to use, but also ideal for evenly applying foundation over the entire face. Whether you go for a natural look or want a little more coverage, this brush provides a beautiful finish. And that is not all! The Mineralogie Kabuki Brush is also suitable for updating the “t-zone” with one of our Matte Finishing Powders. This way you keep your shine under control and continue to shine all day long. This brush is not only functional, but also handy to take with you in your handbag. This way you can always touch up your makeup, wherever you are. It is compact and lightweight. Don’t forget to clean your brush after use. This not only ensures a longer lifespan of the brush, but also ensures hygienic use. Use the Brush Cleaner or the Soapy Brush Cleaner to thoroughly clean your brush and enjoy this great beauty tool for a long time. At Mineralogie, quality is of paramount importance, which is why this brush is of pharmaceutical quality. Moreover, we are proud of our eco-friendly policy. The material of the brush is biodegradable and recyclable. The brush is also completely vegan. So ladies, take your chance and add the Mineralogy Kabuki Brush to your makeup collection. It is the perfect brush for a beautiful finish, always within reach. Go for ecofriendly beauty with this great brush. You will have no regrets!