Snowflake Obsidian obelisk in bag – 90-110mm


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Beautiful SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN obelisk in a durable gift bag – Beautiful quality – The obelisk has 8 sides and is no less than +/- 90 to 110 mm high with a base of +/- 2 cm. The obelisk comes in a durable gift bag. Ready to give as a gift! Snowflake Obsidian Snowflake obsidian is sometimes used for meditation and spiritual work because it is associated with inner cleansing and growth. It can help release negative energies and promote self-reflection. Like other forms of obsidian, snowflake obsidian is sometimes considered a protective stone. It can be worn or kept with you to ward off negative energies and influences. Snowflake obsidian is believed to help find balance between body and mind. It can help reduce negative emotions and promote feelings of calm and balance. Some people believe that snowflake obsidian can help improve communication skills, both with others and with yourself. It can help express thoughts and feelings in a clear and balanced way. This stone can be associated with releasing old patterns, fears and obstacles. It can help you let go of old baggage and move forward. Crystal point obelisk A crystal point is a crystal that is cut in a quadrilateral, hexagon or octagon. When the crystal is placed in a space, it will receive, store and transmit energy flows. That is why crystal points are often used in meditations, or to send certain wishes or prayers to the Cosmos. Each crystal point has its own unique effect and can strengthen the energy of other crystals. Disclaimer: Gemstones and crystals are natural products. Due to the nature of gemstones, no two stones will be the same, making each piece unique. Small variations in color and size are therefore normal. Depicted photos may therefore differ slightly from reality.

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