Soapy Brush Cleaner


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Have you heard of the amazing Soapy Brush Cleaner? This magical soap is the solution for all your makeup brushes! Say goodbye to bacteria and unwanted substances, because this natural soap keeps your brushes squeaky clean. With Soapy Brush Cleaner you can pamper your brushes weekly and give them a longer lifespan. And you know what’s best? You will see a beautiful result in your makeup! The secret lies in the simple instructions for use. Take the soap in your hand, then swirl your slightly damp brush over the soap in circular movements. The special formula of the soap cleans your brushes down to the last detail. Feel the worries and dirt melt away! Rinse your brush thoroughly with lukewarm water so that all soap residue disappears. Then it’s time to let your brush rest and dry. It protects your brushes and improves your makeup result!